Why Art 100 (Online) Has Changed Me

Before starting Art 100 (Online), I thought of it as a 3-Credit Humanities requirement to take during my Freshman year at UW-Madison. While going through the assignments each week, I saw them as a chore; why would I ever have to know about the Art Nouveau or the Renaissance period? However, something clicked when my family took a trip to Paris during Spring Break. I was continually hearing these terms that I had written 250 words about each week, and I was able to understand and participate in conversations that I had never understood and involved in before. So, why take Art 100 Online?

  • Course is completely online
  • Only 4 assignments each week, due every Sunday
  • One creative assignment each week, which can be a great study break
  • A great platform to build an online community, where you can constantly comment on other people‚Äôs posts
  • All assignments have a simple and straightforward rubric
  • No final exam

When looking through the UW-Madison course selection, some people are intimidated by the name, Art 100. This class requires no previous art skills. With that being said, I am not the best artist, and I found the creative assignments to be a great break in studying and writing papers. While I cannot admit that getting the Canvas notification each Sunday about the four assignments posted for the following Sunday brought me joy, I find myself constantly referencing the class, weeks after completing the course. Definitely take it if you need Humanities credits!

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