How to Survive a Crazy Beach Vacation 101

Me (center) and my friend on spring break in South Padre, Texas (Photo Credit: Sam Keller)

Many people have heard about the crazy spring breaks in South Padre, TX, but I decided to experience this trip for myself. While these big group trips can be fun, there are also some tricks to make the trip more enjoyable. Here are the best ways to enjoy and survive a college destination spring break.

Bite the Bullet, Take a Car

Taking a car will allow your group to have bonding time on the way down to your sunny beachside. Driving will also save you money on travel (flights are expensive) and on food. While my flight-buying friends were ordering-in expensive food, my friends and I went to the grocery store and stocked up on cheap groceries to last the whole week.

Two is Always Better than One

Use the buddy system the whole trip. With hundreds of other colleges students roaming the beaches, it is easy to lose your friends. By sticking with a buddy, you will never be completely lost.

Fanny Packs are Back in Style

While they may look dorky, fanny packs will be your lifesaver. Fanny packs allow you to go hands-free while keeping your phone, cash, and keys on your person and out of the sand.

By using these three tips you can enjoy a crazy beach vacation in South Padre, TX or another college student spring break destination. So happy spring breaking and stay safe!

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