Your first step to ‘adulting’ at UW-Madison

Adulting is a funny word I think. Since we don’t yet consider ourselves an adult, we must deem the grown-up decisions or life hacks we make as “adulting”. And if I were to look at college students when I was in elementary school, I definitely considered them adults. Now that I am here, I am just a lost student trying to fake his way to adulting.

Anyways, there are some really good adulting tips for college students, but one adulting idea to keep in mind as you arrive in Madison is Transportation.

You may think that Madison is a contained enough campus to get around solely on your two feet, but one walk from Witte to Agricultural Hall in the middle of January will change your mind instantly.

First priority is to get a bus pass. IT’S FREE… so no excuse to not get one. The bus system in Madison is amazing, and the Wisconsin app makes understanding the different bus routes a breeze. Make sure to understand some of the more obscure busses because the 80 will become way too packed sometimes.

The bus, while amazing, can become a boring way to travel, though. And it is especially frustrating when it is nice and warm outside. That’s why I have both a bike and a longboard in Madison with me. There is honestly nothing better than taking a stroll down State Street on your longboard. With a steady decline and almost no cars, it makes for a perfect ride.

All in all, your two feet can get you many places… but not everywhere. That’s why you need to ‘adult’ some new ways to get around!


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