Throwback Break: The Sleepover

Lets have a moment and #tbt to Becky’s 12th birthday party. Becky’s parents were the coolest – they would always let her have friends sleepover. But on her 12th birthday, you and your squad had the best night of your prepubescent lives (see image below).

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Source: Mike Hauser

Whether Becky is still in your squad or not, she will be with you in spirit as you have the best night of your post-pubescent life. Here are the reasons why throwing a slumber party for your friends during break will make you cooler than Becky’s parents.

1. Quality time

We are all longing for that inspiring and hilarious conversation that reminds us why we love our friends. What better time to do so than at 3am, arm deep in cheese balls, with old Spongebob episodes playing in the background? Phones are off and everyone is piled up in their PJ’s without a care in the world.

2. Night games

Ever play capture the flag around the outside of the Humanities building with a bunch of college-aged kids hyped up on energy drinks? I’ll let this one speak for its self.

3. Don’t go it alone

Bottom line – if you find yourself with no plans this upcoming break, find as many people as you can to pass the time with. Chances are, other students are on campus are wishing they were somewhere else, too. These are the people you want at your capture the flag game.

Its time to look boredom in the face and tackle it like the enthusiastic 12 year-old hiding in all of us.

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