Study Early, and Often

For many students, the structure of college classes and exams are new, especially for incoming freshman. The weight placed on exams in college is much heavier than that placed on high school exams, emphasizing a need for high scores on every exam in order to obtain A’s. As homework assignments are still important and need to be done, effective study habits and techniques for exams are essential for good grades.

One of the best ways to prepare for whatever is thrown at you during an exam is to comprehend the material, whether it comes from lectures or readings and textbooks. Studies have proven an effective studying AND learning technique is to start studying early and often in the semester. Continuous studying allows for the information to move from your short-term memory to your deep-seated long-term memory. Setting up a study schedule every night for a little bit of material leads to experience with all the material so as to not be hit with questions one knows nothing about.

Check out this link about when to start studying!

Beyond better memorization, studying early and often has other benefits when it comes to taking your exam as well. First off, the idea of confidence is a key factor while taking a test and can decrease test anxiety which for many freshmen hits an all-time high in college. Although it might be hard to motivate yourself to start studying for an exam, the feeling of going into a test fully prepared can be a game and a grade changer.

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