Listen to me very carefully when I tell you to always nod your head “yes” when your server asks if you want a to-go box. Always. Under no circumstance should you ever answer “no” to that question and leave behind the food that you paid good money for. That stuff is valuable. Let me rephrase that: it is GOLD.

You come into college worried about your classes or if your random roommate will be weird. You know, the important things. You aren’t concerned about if you’ll get fed or not, even though your mom might be. And while UW-Madison actually has a few very impressive dining options, I can almost guarantee the pasta bar and those quesadillas will slowly, but surely, become less and less appetizing. You will immediately start to regret your decision of leaving those last few fries and the second half of your guac burger from Roast. I cannot tell you how many times I made that mistake freshman year. As soon as I would walk back into my dorm room (Witte 10A, represent!) I would instantly undergo the seven stages of grief.

As dramatic as that may sound, I truly took for granted the luxury of having thoughtfully prepared meals. Spending freshman year living in a dorm where the kitchen was not as easily accessible as one would hope, our limits were tested. Thankfully, my roommate Becca brought a microwave. She quickly earned the title of “my hero.” Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to adequately heat up my leftover box o’ gold.


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