How to Ease Into College Like a Pro

For the first time in your 18 years, you’re alone—completely parent-free, no one but yourself to make your decisions for you. While this may be absolutely terrifying at first, I’ve got some tips to make your first month of (semi) adulthood go smoothly.

Keep your door open! This is the best way to meet people on your floor right away and make connections with as many people as possible. This is what the entire first week of school is made for—use it to your advantage.

Keep a planner and a set of colored pens. Color code by class. An additional good idea is to put day-before reminders in your phone for big dates like exams and papers!

When doing something that doesn’t involve the internet on your laptop (like a reading or typing a paper), turn your WiFi off. We all know how easy it is to get distracted—you’ll be shocked at how much more you get done when you aren’t checking Twitter every 5 seconds!

TIDE PODS. These are truly a life-saver for the inevitable thing we all have to do as adults—laundry. Skip the mess of liquid or powder and just throw a pod right in the washing machine with each load! Also, never forget to check your heat and cycle settings.

Go to the library with a group if possible, or have people go ahead of time and get a spot if they can and meet them later. Getting a spot at College is much harder than you’d think.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll make it through your first month of college without a hitch!


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