How to be An Adult (Or How to Fake it)

Going into your freshman year, you may think that you need to already have everything figured out. Rest assured, adulting takes figuring out, and it takes a lot of failures, but that’s okay. No one else knows what they’re doing either.

Though it’s a cliche that college students survive on ramen, it doesn’t mean you have to. One way to adult is by taking care of yourself. Buy fruit. Take advantage of your dorm’s kitchen (and impress your neighbors). Remember to drink water. And yes eat ramen, it’s the best, but don’t make it the majority of your meals. Here was a life saver for me, a microwavable ramen cooker:

A second good way to adult is dress like you have your life together. An easy way to do this is to pick out your outfits and set them out the night before. I admit to many scruffy mornings where anyone who looked at me could tell that I absolutely did not have it together. However, if I got up earlier, picked out my outfit the evening before, I could have tricked them, and you can too. Also, you’ll feel better and more organized, and really will have at least part of your life going good.

Lastly, be confident and kind when you meet new people. Take the initiative and introduce yourself, especially in classes. It’s a very adult thing to make connections, and these new friends can help you in class and companionship.

Try these hacks, and watch as your friends ask you how you do it!

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