“Fake it till you make it”: Adulting life hacks for college student

As we are growing up all we ever want to be is an adult. We think it is this amazing world of freedom and choices, hah. If you are a freshman in college, you have probably started to realize that “adulting is hard man!“. Not only does it consist of having to find creative ways to not spend any money, figuring out how to survive on no sleep, and meanwhile being a positive, happy, social being, but it also consists of having to make mature, adult-like decisions.

Well, worry no more, because here are some tips that I have either learned or been taught that have helped me navigate the sad world of “adulting”.

  • Amazon has everything, and its cheap.
  • Take advantage of the free health services on campus. Yes, not having your parent there to give you chicken noodle soup and check if your forehead is hot is not the most ideal, but at least uw health is there for us!
  • Take advantage of your phone calendar. When confronted with those new tasks like having to go to meetings with advisors and having weirdly timed exams, its helpful to have a message pop up on the device we all know you never put down to help remind you.
  • VITAMINS are your friend!
  • And lastly, carry deodorant with you wherever you go. Walks to class are long now, and when the weather is warm, it’s not all air-conditioned comfort. Be prepared for anything.

And remember… we’re all just faking it. 

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