Don’t Leave For The Dorms Without It!

Lets face it – that one chunk of dirt on your carpet has been sitting in a ‘way-too-visible-to-ignore’ spot for a ‘way-too-long-to-ignore’ amount of time. You walk past it everyday, and somedays, you even think to grab it and toss it into the trash… but alas, you do not – which is a shame because that rug really ties the room together, man. If only there were some convenient device to help you rid that rug of that spot once and for all…


Without a doubt, the handheld vacuum¬†is the only reason I was ever able to maintain any semblance of a clean room during my time in college.¬†When in the early pivotal weeks of hosting University-approved events in your dorm room, you’re going to need a tool that can keep up with your last-minute cleaning schedule. We all know that going down to the front desk and renting out the Flintstones-era vacuum cleaner for every little piece of dirt we see is out of the question, but those little pieces of dirt add up.

The solution needs to be quicker, and more easily accessible. These hoovers are cordless, light weight, efficient, and most importantly, silent – a great feature for those nights when you DO NOT want your House Fellow helping you clean after the event.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this indispensable tool before your first chunk of dirt crawls onto your carpet.

Try a 25 dollar Dirt Devil from Target – now in Badger Red!

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