Change It Up To Study It Up!

I hadn’t developed good study habits in high school, but once coming to college I picked up a very useful one. In the town I grew up, we had a few libraries but not as much at Madison. Something that helps me study is changing up the location of where I study every now and then.

My favorite library at UW is College Library, and the places to change it up in there are quite diverse. You can decide to study downstairs near the cafe, where there is subtle talking and delicious food. You can choose to go up to a quiet study room, where it’s dead silent. I sometimes don’t like studying there because it’s too quiet for my taste, but if I really need to crack down I’ll go there to get in tune with my thoughts.

If you want to get away from College Library, you can head over to Memorial Union or Union South. There are definitely┬ámore food options there if you need a study break. There are also various amenities you can take advantage of, so the change of scenery is very adverse and you’ll never get bored with your surroundings.

Always look to study in different places. For me, it stimulates different thoughts, but for you, you might discover something about yourself you didn’t know before like I did for myself once I came to college.

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