Best “Dumpling” House in Madison

Heads up! If you are looking for a Chinese food restaurant with steamy dumplings and some other exotic cuisine, you came to the wrong blog…BUT! Keep reading and you just might find your new favorite joint in Madison like I did 4 years ago!

Due to its misleading name, a lot of people who didn’t knew came to Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry for…well, you know, dumpling. In reality, this is as far from a actual dumpling house as it can be.

Well, maybe not that far. Meat wrapped between carbohydrates , you can see some similarities. But that is as close as it gets. You may see this spots being mentioned when people are talking about best places to go for cheese curds or fish fries in Madison. While that should attract you to this place before a wild Friday night for a pre-party snack, the real essence of this place is the burger.

Proudly calling itself the World hamburger Headquarters, Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry or as I call it, “DDD”, sure know what they are talking about. Whether it is a big patty of grade A beef with golden cheesed spread on it, a thin patty with a salty yet sweet taste to it, or something unusual like a lamb burger, whatever your vice is when it comes to burger, this place has you covered.

My favorite burger is called the melting pot, it is composed with a thick patty of beef, drizzled with creamy cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce and tomatoes and two soft buns. It is so delicious that it gives cheat day a whole different meaning.

Click on the website and see for yourself!

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