Becoming an Adult 101 should be a gen ed required by all universities. Because lets face it, no one is ready for the transition of child to adult. Freshman, you will see how drastically things change as you approach adulthood. Since UW does not offer this class, heres a heads up to you.

First thing about becoming an adult is that you need to realize it is hard and you are always tired. You may think that drinking all that coffee and staying up for those all nighters are good ideas at the time, but in the long run it is not. Seriously, do not pull the all nighter. Performance levels go down and it’ll mess up the entire rest of your week. Instead, plan. Do not stray away from using a planner or checklist to make sure you are on top of things. Need motivation? Give yourself an incentive for finishing your assignments.

Second, utilize the bus pass UW gives you. Many of you freshman will not have a car and there is nothing more beneficial than learning how the bus system works. It’ll save you on days you are running late to class and it allows you to explore more of Madison and get off campus!

Third, treat yourself. Be proud of what you accomplish while at school. Reward your hard work for passing that exam. As you grow older, you’ll only acquire more stress. So it is pertinent you take care of yourself and your mental health now. At least once a week set sometime aside to mediate or get a massage.

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