The Sounds of Study Sessions

Regardless of major, classes, or schedule, chances are that soon after the semester begins you’ll have to discover how you study best.  Other entries in this blog offer great suggestions for learning/studying, but I’m here to offer my own: having a reliable study music playlist (or more) can help your focus and make studying more enjoyable!

Throughout the semester, my many study playlists are by far the ones I listen to the most.  Almost everyday I spend time studying; some days it’s only an hour, other days it can be closer to 8!  I’ve relied on my various playlists to help me keep my focus day after day, while simultaneously not getting bored.  Below are tips to help you in your own playlist curation process!


Start with other playlists

If you’ve never created your own study playlist before and don’t know where to start, use playlists that other people have put together for inspiration!  Whether you’re drawing individual songs from Pandora stations (I recommend Classical for Studying) or listening to other curated ones on Spotify, this can be a great starting point.

Find songs YOU like

When you’re studying, sometimes words can be distracting.  But that doesn’t mean your only option is Beethoven!  I do like some classical music, but soundtracks from movies, instrumental covers of popular songs, and chill electronic music are also personal favorites.

Have enough songs on each playlist

If you anticipate some long study sessions, the last thing you want is to finish your entire playlist. Keep finding new music to add, and you’ll never get bored. My primary study playlist has 200+songs– almost 16 hours!

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