Why you NEED Red Card

Don’t get me wrong, Gordon’s has many great options for food, and as far as dining halls go, it’s top notch. However, when you get sick of stir fry and the infamous Gordon’s waffles, Madison has something very unique to offer: the Red Card Meal Plan.

This “card” is not really a card at all but rather an app on your phone that’s a cross between Apple Pay and a meal plan. Red Card works by uploading money online which you can then spend at 64 different restaurants across the Madison community. As a bonus, Red Card also offers special coupons that are determined by how much you upload onto your card. These coupons can range anywhere from a free Colectivo coffee or espresso drink at Basset Street Brunch Club to a free slice of mac and cheese pizza from Ian’s (Which really does come in handy late night).

With Red Card, you never have to worry about carrying around a wallet. It can also be a great way to find new restaurants to try. Some of my personal favorites are Sunroom Cafe, Basset Street Brunch Club, Roast, and Forage Kitchen. But when you come to campus, you can discover your favorites, too.

To learn more about Red Card or sign up online, visit the Red Card website.

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