Tide To Go With Your College Necessities

Everyone in college is messy, but me? Oh, I’m very messy. If I don’t clean my room at least once a week, it’s like I’m living in a pig sty. I also love to spill things on myself — if I hadn’t gone without spilling my coffee on myself at least once a week, a miracle took place.

A Tide To Go Pen can clean virtually anything: food, dirt, drinks, etc. What’s perfect about it is you can stick it in your bag or purse easily! It’s the exact size of a pen, maybe a little fatter, but you could even keep it in your pocket.

Dorm life is definitely something I don’t miss, but it’s an experience I don’t regret having. Finally, you’re away from your parents and get to be an adult — but don’t get too excited. Everyone in college is messy, not just me. Your mom is no longer there to clean up after you so it’s time to put those adult skills to the test. Consider a Tide To Go Pen Mom 2.0!

I lived in Witte Residential Hall and from being on the 10th floor, that elevator ride to the basement to wash my clothes once a week was such a bother. Every time I would spill something, however, my trusty Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen was always there for me — and it still has my back to this day.


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