This Item COMMANDS To Be Brought To College

If there is one item that is a college dorm room essential, it’s Command Hooks. Dorms are notoriously small spaces, especially when being shared by two people. Command Hooks provide a way to declutter your dorm room without worrying about damaging the walls or breaking the bank.

Command Hooks come in all different shapes and sizes for different uses. The versatility of the hooks is perfect for a college student on a budget, especially when sometimes things have to be DIY’d. To make it even better, the hooks are reusable!

The hooks can be used to help organize your new dorm room, but they can also be used to hang wall decor and make your new space feel a little more like home. Hang up string lights, flags, pictures, and more using the handy little Hooks!

Cords from chargers, extensions, power strips, TVs, and more can easily clutter your dorm room floor space and become a nuisance. By using a few Command Hooks you the cords can be hung on walls, bed frames, or just about any flat surface to prevent tangling, tripping, and the general annoyance cord clutter can cause. Always misplacing your key or just wanting a home for it to hang? Hang a Command Hook next to the door to hang your key on and never forget or misplace your key again.

The versatility of the Command Hooks is endless and helps to organize and customize your new living space.

Here are some extra tips and tricks for using Command Hooks in your dorm:

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