The Solution to the 3,829 Times During Freshman Year You Wanted to Scream “Shut Up!”

Everyone has that idealistic view of college: Fun parties, study groups in your pj’s, being best friends with your roommates, leaving your door open so friends can come say hi…

I’m gonna do you a big favor and let you in on a secret; as much as these quintessential college experiences are real and will be amazing memories forever, so is the literally constant noise, even at libraries (if you’re one of the people who talk in the quiet section at College Lib, please stop.).

So let me introduce you to your new ride-or-die: noise-canceling headphones. These are an investment, and you’ll need to put some of the “beer money” your weird uncle gave you aside, but let me take you on a journey of experiences every freshman has that are saved by Bose headphones.

  1. It’s Friday night (Saturday morning, actually), you just got back from your older friend’s apartment party, and you’re ready to K.O. for 12 hours. You just laid down and got comfortable on the thin dorm mattress when your neighbor comes home with a special Friday-night-guest, and they don’t care about the thin walls. Bose headphones!
  2. Is there a group of sorority girls literally yelling in the quiet section of the library the night before your final? Bose headphones!
  3. Just bombed an exam and need to drown in your thoughts on the way home but don’t want to listen to people gossip on the 80? Bose headphones!
  4. Does your roommate have weirdly private Facetime conversations with her boyfriend in public? Bose headphones!

So word to the wise, don’t just survive freshman year, thrive! Invest in these indispensable lifesavers and tune out!

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