Switch Up Your Study Spot

I think nearly everyone is guilty at some point of finding the perfect study spot and sticking there for the rest of the semester. I get it, finding a good place to study is one in a million and as soon as you get a good one, you never want to let go. However, studying for hours in the same place day after day causes your brain to start to get lazy.

Switching up your location every once in a while can do wonders. It doesn’t allow your brain to get too comfortable in one environment, and thus keeps it more active when reviewing your notes! You don’t have to take it to the extreme and never study in the same place twice, having three or four go-to study spots will do the trick.

Not only will seeking out a new spot keep your brain more active, but it also gives you an excuse to explore the campus a little more! We’re lucky in that our campus is so huge, theres probably hundreds of great study locations that you haven’t even heard of yet! There’s the basics: College and Memorial Library and both Unions, but there’s so much more out there.

I personally love studying in coffee shops – and boy do we have plenty. From Colectivo to Starbucks to Espresso Royale, you could hit up a new location and try a new coffee almost every day of the week. The Historical Society is absolutely beautiful, and perfect if you’re the kind of person who needs absolute silence. I personally love the Discovery Building, there’s literally trees inside! There’s so many more locations to choose from that I haven’t mentioned, so get out there and start looking!

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