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College is harder than high school. I’m sure nearly every incoming freshman is already expecting it will be, but it’s true. In high school, I studied for an hour or so for tests and I maintained satisfactory grades. However, upon arriving at college I quickly realized that an hour simply wouldn’t be enough. After struggling through the first semester at college, I figured out four steps that helped me adjust from high school learning to college learning.

1 – Find a Spot Where You Can Focus

This varies for different people. Some need the background noise that comes along with the coffee shop environment like Starbucks on State Street, others need it to be quiet and would prefer a place like the Historical Society Library.

Society card catalog, 1901. WHI 57048.
Photo Courtesy of Wisconsin Historical Society

2 – Figure Out What Study Methods Work For You

Unlike high school, Professors don’t always give you a study guide for exams. During my Freshman year, I discovered Quizlet, a website where you can make digital flashcards. To me, this is an effective way to study for quizzes and exams.

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Photo Courtesy of Quizlet

3 – Go Over Your Notes After Lecture

While this may seem unnecessary, it only takes 20 minutes or so and helps you retain the information you just learned during lecture.

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Photo Courtesy of WikiHow

4 – Start Studying Early

Exams in college cover far more material than tests did in high school. Because of this, it is important to start studying at least a week before your exam. By doing this, the night before your exam won’t be as stressful.

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Photo Courtesy of Colourbox

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