Answers To Your Top 3 Studying Questions

As summer draws to a close and the reality hits that you are no longer in the safety net of high school, incoming freshmen may be filled with a sense of dread. There are so many things they are about to be thrown into that not even countless lectures from teachers and parents could have prepared them for. But not to fear! Here I have compiled what I have gathered throughout my own experience to be the 3 most pressing questions that freshmen have about studying when they step foot onto campus.

1) How do I manage time for studying and socializing?

This one may be one of the trickier ones and it’s different for everyone. But anyone who wants to make it work can! Prioritizing when to study and then planning time for fun adventures is the way to do it. That way you know that you can do both just with a little extra preparation.

2) My grade is only determined by 3 tests! What if I bomb one?

This scared me as well at first, but it honestly isn’t as terrible as it seems. As long as you attend lecture and take good notes, you should be perfectly fine. Most of the time teachers will toss in some extra credit in classes where the grade is only calculated from test.

3) My friend told me I don’t have to go to lecture if attendance isn’t mandatory. Do I take their advice?

This may be tempting…but from my past personal experience…please go! You will thank yourself later. I’ve found that it’s much easier to learn and understand the material from someone teaching it to you then trying to learn it by yourself later. You will also feel a lot less stressed when it comes to exam time!

Follow these three golden pieces of studying advice and you will have the best first year on any college campus!

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