Tips on How to “Adult” In College


It won’t be long until Mom and Dad have left you on the front steps of your freshman year dorm, with tears streaming down their faces (and maybe even yours too), that you realize they really believe you can survive on your own. The truth is, it is going to be a struggle for a while. But, with these simple hacks, you’ll come home for Thanksgiving break boasting about how independent you are.

Dining Hall Condiments

Freshman year, almost all of your meals will come from the dining halls. Everyone once and a while, you and your friends are going to want to check out some kitchenware and cook something yourselves (I always liked making brunch with my friends). Instead of buying butter and syrup for your pancakes, or pepper and salt for your eggs, remember that the dining hall already has a bunch of these condiments just laying around. I’m not saying to go and snatch 40 butter packets, but a few won’t hurt.

Sophomore Year Housing

Near the end of second semester freshman year you are going to have to decide where to live sophomore year. Instead of paying a TON of money to live in the dorms again, find a friend or two, and rent an apartment. The more people you live, with the cheaper living costs will be!

There is so much more to ‘adulting’ than a few life hacks, but these tips in will definitely help cut costs, as well as keep a roof under your head and a full stomach.

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