Study & Study Hard

Listen — there’s going to be a bunch of you that come in and think to yourselves . . .

“I’m going pre med and am going to be a doctor”.

In reality though, medical school is wildly competitive and many of you won’t put in the study hours required to have a competitive application.

Of course, those with true aspirations to become a doctor probably know that many rigorous study lay ahead of them, which is why this is a “make sure you study hard or you won’t get in to medical school post”, but rather is this.

Make sure you study hard, regardless if you wan’t to be a doctor or a monk, because there’s real value in learning to work hard at things, even when you don’t want to.

Take your school work seriously because that work seriously translates to the rest of your life. Frats and boozing are great and all, but don’t forget what’s really important.

Tests, projects, and long study hours are more than what they seem — they’re more than annoying, pains in the ass.


BECAUSE, the hours spent studying and working at projects facilitate important skills that’ll help you be successful not only on that test or project, but also other tests and projects and ultimately, life.


try not to be like this …

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