Feel Put Together In Seconds With This Item

Just imagine: You are attending your first job fair. You have printed off your pristine resume. Prepared knowledgeable questions. Practiced a firm yet friendly handshake. And you have the perfect outfit picked out that is folded in a dresser drawer at the moment. As you dress yourself, you realize, to your horror, that the nice dark-colored business shirt is covered in lint from sitting in the drawer for so long!

That’s why the most indispensable item for college that every student needs is a LINT ROLLER! They are:

  • quick
  • small and easy to store
  • mess free
  • gets all hair and lint with one swipe!

I lived in a sorority house this past year, and after asking countless times in the GroupMe if anyone had a lint roller I came to the conclusion that I needed to invest in the handy item myself. The roller gets every stray hair or dust from clothing and it INSTANTLY makes you feel more polished and professional.

A standard lint roller only costs around $4 and includes 70 sheets– that’ll last you a long time! There are also mini sizes you can buy for travel or on the go. These would be perfect to tuck into the front pocket of your backpack for a quick swipe before meeting with a colleague or professor. Lint rollers will leave you feeling more put together in seconds. (Bonus points: your mom will be so impressed that you actually bought one without her telling you to!)

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