Bing. Bang-O. Bucks.

Have you ever wondered how to get the best bang for your buck as a college student? It’s easy – attend a Milwaukee Bucks basketball game! As many of us already know, sports are the greatest American past time.

We Play Sports.

We Watch Sports.

We Talk About Sports . . . A Lot

Some people, such as myself, even have the desire to write about sports.

There’s nothing like witnessing a basketball game in person. The sound of the crowd roaring throughout the stadium bringing chills up your spine. The smell of the soft pretzels, buffalo sliders, and smoked ribs wafting through the air. The feeling of a sore buttock from sitting on the edge of your seat for too long. It’s strange, awesome and surreal all at the same time!

It’s an absolutely incredible sight to see so many seats surrounding a tiny basketball court in the very center. With 80,000 fans watching basketball in a stadium – that’s big enough to hold over twice the number of UW-Madison undergraduates and graduates combined.

Not a basketball fan? The Milwaukee Bucks mascot “Bango” has been entertaining fans with his high-flying acrobatic dunks and daring stuns since 1977. He was even voted as the first “Most Awesome Mascot” by the Cartoon Network. You can’t miss Bango!

If you’ve never been to an NBA basketball game, do yourself a favor and grab a couple of tickets to support your local team.

Grab a group of friends. Buy cheap tickets online. Enjoy the game.

For more information, check out the Milwaukee Bucks website:

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