How to “Adult” Like an Adult: Stay Organized

The key to “adulting”, boringly enough, is staying organized.  If that does not make you excited to be an adult…join the club.  Organization is an ongoing process, and the list of items to keep organized is never-ending.  However, there are three things that if you keep organized, you will be on your way to “adulting”:

  1. Planner

Planners are a great way to manage assignments, tests, and events.  On the first day of class, read through the syllabus and write in any test dates; as you are told of assignment due dates, enter those into the planner.  Make note of all other important dates.  Once you complete a task, cross it off so you know it is finished.  Crossing off things in your planner is a euphoric feeling!

  1. Room

Ah, do you miss the days when your parents would yell at you to “Clean you room”?  Now that you are an adult, better start yelling at yourself to do it.  Keeping your room clean is essential – knowing where your clothes, books, binders, and other supplies are makes life much less stressful.  If you have a roommate, I hope they keep their side of the room clean too!

  1. Computer

Lastly, keep that computer organized and clean.  My first year of college, I made the mistake of saving homework and projects in random locations on my computer with random titles.  Then when I needed to go back and look at these files, they were impossible to find.  I recommend creating a folder on your desktop each semester, and then putting class folders inside each semester folder.  That way, you will never lose an assignment again.

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