Go Ahead, Be That Annoying Person With A Camera This Break

How can a “boring” break become fun?

It’s spring break. As you scroll through your Instagram feed and like post after post of everybody vacationing in Aruba and hiking in Yosemite, while you lay on your couch at your house in the suburbs, you may feel that you’re not having the crazy college spring break that you’ve dreamed of. But that, my friend, is all a matter of perspective.


Where has that camera been hiding?

Let’s be real. Sure, you may not be jet-setting and posing in front of monuments, but you are around friends and family, and you have a break for once to do things you enjoy in your free time. Take out your camera – whether it be the one in your phone or that nice DSLR that has gathered dust in your closet.

And let the photo-taking, video-making commence.

Document everything, especially the little things.

Making short little videos of seemingly mundane things – grabbing lunch with a friend, heading to the mall, cooking dinner for your family – are those small moments in life that people look back at and wish they could experience once move. Those huge getaway trips are already given so much love and attention; sometimes, it’s nice to just document your “everyday” life, instead.

Become your own favorite director.

Not to mention, editing these photos and videos is a fun hobby that anyone can get into. Your computer most likely comes with basic video editing software – iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc. – and finding tutorials on YouTube makes it easy to learn how to create a beautiful final product.

Put together and seen through the lens of a camera, you can look back at your “boring” spring break and realize that it might not have been so bad after all.

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