Don’t Let the Movies Fool You: College is not just a Big Party

When my freshman year of college began, I imagined life would be like high school but more fun. I’d be able to study for my exams the night before and do my homework the night before it was due (don’t tell my mom). Boy, was I wrong.

The quickest lesson I learned is that if you want to have fun, you have to be ahead of the game. The biggest lie you will tell yourself on Thursday night is, “I’ll do all of my homework on Sunday”. Trust me when I say, you won’t.

Before you hit the town with your new “floor friends”, write the paper, start your flashcards and watch that lecture! Your homework is going to be harder, the exams will require weeks to prepare for, and the last thing you want is an all nighter at College Library before a day filled with midterms. Save yourself the stress and stay on top of the work you have.

Planners are for chumps, put important dates into your phone’s calendar. You have this on you all day everyday and it is a great way to be reminded of important events. My biggest secret is entering due dates three days before it’s actually due, this gives you a buffer, just in case Wando’s just can’t wait!

Don’t be a rookie, this isn’t high school, but if you stay on top of things…YOU GOT THIS!

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