A “The Daily” a Day, Keeps Ignorance Away!

Living in Southeast and walking to Engineering?  Living in Lakeshore and walking anywhere?  I have just the way to fill your time and your brain!  Listen to The Daily podcast daily.

The Daily is a podcast produced by The New York Times that gives you a 20-minute update on what is happening in the world news.  Being backed by one of the top newspapers means you are getting access to the best of the best?

What does the “the best of the best” mean?  It means if they are talking about a senator’s plan to run for president.  You will very likely hear an interview with that senator.  It means something happened in Afghanistan.  You will get interviews with journalists that are on the ground in Afghanistan.

Top 5 reasons to listen to The Daily daily:

  1. you are 18, you should be an informed voter
  2. they are free
  3. they can be downloaded before you walk (no data overages here)
  4. use it as a jumping off point to learn more about current events
  5. quality production

Find out more about The Daily at their homepage or download it on iTunes.

News, not your thing?  There are tons of other podcasts out there! Check them out and expand your mind.

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