This Item Is so Essential That It’s Already in the Name

            When I first arrived at college, it was extremely overwhelming. I always felt stressed and living in a cramped dorm room didn’t help. But thanks to my essential oil diffuser, I was able to practice maintaining a healthy lifestyle and clean dorm room. My dorm started to remind me of home rather than a place I’d try to rarely be in. Here are some reasons why an essential oil diffuser is absolutely indispensable for your dorm.

1. Freshens the Air

             During my freshman year, our dorms had no air conditioning, which made the air dusty and stale. My diffuser helped lighten and clean the air especially when using citrus scents. I always felt like I’d walk into a clean and refreshing environment. 

2. Perfect (and Better) Alternative for a Candle

            Candles provide a calming atmosphere, but unfortunately aren’t allowed in the dorms. Diffusers have the same effect, but is safer due to the use of water vapor. There are a variety of essential oils scents and plus, some diffusers come with cool light settings!

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3. Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

            In a communal dorm building, flu and cold season can happen anytime of the year. Diffusing oils like thieves helps disinfect the air in order to prevent yourself from catching any germs. Sleep is also another component of a healthy lifestyle. Diffusing lavender at night helps you fall asleep, calm your nerves, and feel well prepared for any upcoming exams!

An essential oil diffuser helps take away all that stress from adjusting to college life. Finding a diffuser of your own is easy since stores like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond provide many different styles.

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