3 learning Tips a Freshman Has to Know Before Final Week

When I was an incoming freshman, I was not familiar with the system of “My UW” website. A lack of usage of online resource in my uw system leads to lower my grade for my first semester. After I knew how to use the “My UW’ effectively, I improved my grade. Therefore, It is important for an incoming freshman to learn about three learning tips in “My UW”.

      1 .Be Familiar with Course Guide

Course guide is a part of small box in the system of “My UW”. It describes the content and syllabus of every course in detail. However, It is a little confused for the most freshmen. Thus, it is very important for freshmen to get know of the box earlier. You can read the guides and instructions online to know how to use of it.



  2. Often Visiting the Courses and Reserve

Courses and Reserve part can be found in “My UW” system through the search engine in the top page column. The toolbox can provide many information, textbooks, readings,and videos about the courses. The content can enrich the understanding of your courses very well. Know more about the content of course, get a better grade in the final exam.


  3. Checking Canvas and Learning@UW frequently

Professors may send emails to you, but it is also vital for you to visit Canvas and Learning@UW by yourself frequently. This is because sometimes professors put some quizzes and examples about exams and won not notify classmates. If you miss these materials, your exams would be affected negatively in a larger extent.


There  are three tips on how to learn as a freshman and I promise it for your grade in the first final week!

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