Warm or Cool?

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Midwestern winters are known to be brutal, and if it is your first in Madison you can expect even worse. While the iconic isthmus provides beautiful sights and fun moments in the summer, it is also famous for creating an unforgiving wind tunnel in the colder months. When preparing for your first winter in MadTown, consider these suggestions when picking out your perfect coat. 



The best winter jackets provide warmth far exceeding the torso area. While most high schoolers would scoff to see their friend sport a jacket hanging down past their knees, college students will look on in envy thinking of how close that person is to being indoors. The longer the jacket, the warmer (a.k.a. happier) you’ll be.


While many Badgers swear by their red and white knit hats to help them through the frozen tundra, a coat with a nice hood can only heighten the warmth. Some prefer theirs with fuzzy fur lining, others like a more simple, classic design. Either way, everyone can agree that the more head and neck protection, the better.


One commonly overlooked coat quality is the thickness of the lining, typically due to appearance-based anxiety. So what if you look like Ralphie’s brother from A Christmas Story? You won’t care about putting your arms down when you’re toasty and warm on the way to class.


Don’t worry about what others might think of you when they see you walking down the street in your new coat. Instead, worry about the biting winds you would be experiencing otherwise.

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