Spice Up your Night Life at the UW

As incoming freshman, many of you are undoubtedly aware of the UW’s reputation as being a top-ranking party school, a title held by the UW since what seems like the dawn of humankind. However, as a student at Madison, there are countless other fun, exciting, and enriching ways of spending your nights outside of Wando’s (if you don’t get it, you will soon enough, friend). While the UW may not be the most diverse campus in the country, with multicultural organizations ranging from the Hmong American Students Association to Wunk Sheeka Native American student organization, students are invited to interact with other students belonging to cultures and backgrounds they may have never had the opportunity to interact with before. And while you may not readily identify as being a part of one of these cultural or ethnic groups, almost all the diverse student organizations on campus welcome every student with open arms and wide smiles as members of these organizations are passionate about sharing their cultures and traditions with the greater student community! That being said, throughout the year there are countless dinners, talks, lectures, and social events hosted by diverse student organizations that are not only fascinating and fun, but almost always FREE OF CHARGE. A great example of this a Culture Night co-hosted by the Muslim Students Association and the DESI-MENA which showcases the cultures of many different countries and topped it off with amazing free food (enough said right?) It would be truly a waste to go through your years here at the UW without checking out a few of these amazing events, so get involved and stay aware by joining different student organizations facebook groups or taking a trip to the Multicultural Student Center in the second floor of the Red Gym!

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