Remember, college also means school

Transitioning into college from high school can be a big change. Mentally, physically, academically, college can drastically change the course of your everyday life. These few tips can help you remain afloat academically and help tremendously with the big transition.

Tip #1: Do all the extra credit you can get – extra credit can save your grade. It can push your grade up a level or it can make a bombed test not feel so brutal.

Tip #2: Go to office hours – if you are not understanding something, go talk to your TA or your professor. There is no shame. You’d rather get it figured out while you can before you begin to fall behind.

Tip #3: Figure out how you study best – if you study best alone, go to the library and isolate yourself away from distractions. If you study best with a group, find people who are focussed and stay on task. There is nothing more useless than a group “study session” that turns into a hangout session in the library.

Tip #4: Make a quizlet – you can make a quizlet for really any subject. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the content while making it and then quizzing yourself as you get more proficient.

When school gets started and exams are in full swing, managing your personal life with academics while maybe working and getting involved in extracurriculars can get extremely overwhelming. However, these simple tips can really help you keep your academics manageable.

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