Mix, Blend, and Purée Through Freshman Year


Pancake mix, peanut butter, and smoothies. What do the following three items have in common with one another? At first, perhaps you might have considered similar textures or colors. But more intriguingly and surprisingly, all three are similar in the way in which they can be created by the ultimate, indispensable college kitchen tool: the blender.

A blender was an indispensable item as a college freshman because it saved me time, money, and encouraged habits of heathy eating; therefore, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Making smoothies every morning, preparing soups for lunch and dinner, and making fresh hummus or guacamole for snacks allowed me to take control of my eating habits and instilled a healthy mindset.


Some affordable blender options to consider are the Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe, the Kitchen Aid Diamond Vortex, and the Ninja Professional. When searching for a blender, consider high-powered blenders, as they will produce a smoother blend in less time. Additionally, consider the amount of space and the number of people using the blender. In some instances, it might be more appropriate to purchase a smaller blender to save on counterspace as well as to limit serving size.


Overall, a blender is an essential kitchen tool that a soon-to-be freshman should not overlook. Not only will you be able to promote a healthier lifestyle for yourself, but you can also encourage others and be an inspiration for those around you as well.

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