Early Day Dining Out: But Do They Have Good Coffee?!


If you’re like me, you need coffee in the morning–it isn’t an option. I truly appreciate coffee: the process of making it, the roast, the grind, the flavors, the art. This may make me a coffee snob, but when you’re spending four dollars on a drink, it should be pretty dang good. One thing I’ve noticed is a lack of genuinely good coffee at places that you can get food. These are my top two favorite coffee places *with* food in Madison, which happen to be on the East Side. 

  1. Mint Mark: On Winnebago Street, close to the intersection with Atwood Avenue, is Mint Mark. Mint Mark opened in December 2017. It’s open from 7 am to bar time. One thing about Mint Mark is it’s co-owned by three different groups. First is Kin-Kin Coffee, which specializes in the coffee aspect of the restaurant, also owning Johnson Public House located on Johnson Street. Next are the two owners from Robin Room, also located on Johnson Street. They focus on cocktails and amazing drinks. Finally is the chef. An amazing chef who has created menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch; with a focus on small plates. With each part focusing on their own speciality–no part is lacking. Go have a great latte, breakfast potatoes, and the best biscuit I’ve ever heard.
  2. Bradbury’s: Right off of the Capitol Square, is Bradbury’s. Bradbury’s specializes in crepes and coffee. Their main coffee roaster is Ruby Coffee from Central Wisconsin, while always featuring rotating guest roasters. Their crepes, divided between savory and sweet on the menu, change depending on the season and what’s locally available. The spring one I just tried was a rhubarb compote, yogurt, and honey crepe–it was great!

Don’t settle for good food place with bad coffee or vice versa. These two places stand out for their presence in Madison, with food and drinks that will not disappoint. Check them out and follow them on Instagram to get your mouth watering before you go!

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