Ways to Help your Collage Adulating

Welcome freshman! Now that you are on the best campus in the Big10, you may have learned that you need to step up your “Semi-Adulting” game. Here are some tips that will help you.

Explore campus events and find your passion

Madison is filled with different campus events that you’re going to be interested! Save a trip to Gordan’s by enjoying the functions free dinner and get involved!


Get RedCard. Seriously. 

Red card is essentially a mother form of credit card with tons of coupons and deals.  They even have weekly deals at Fresh Market! This was my lifesaver Freshman year as I would go and buy some yogurt and get whatever their free goodie was.



Invest in a good planner. 

Buy a good planner at the beginning of the year and write all of your due dates in it once you get them! This means all quizzes, papers, and exams! I have the Lily Pulitzer planner (around $20) and it’s my favorite planner to date!


Clean your room, once a week 

Messy room = messy brain. Take 30 minutes on a Sunday to re-orginize your dorm. This will also help yourself set up your busy week ahead.


Schedule in some ‘Me time’ and take care of yourself

With all the new found freedom, it’s quite easy to over commit yourself! Make sure you allow your self some time to decompress and relax. If not you’ll go on a capital run at midnight in…December. (picture below) You’ll thank me later. Also, it won’t kill you to eat a salad every now and than.

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