The ‘I cant even’ without it, item.

The ‘I cant even’ without it, item.

Humans need stuff, we don’t just use stuff, we need stuff! It takes tools to survive and thrive in this modern era. College is a grind, a knock your down, stuff your head in a book, lock yourself in the library, not enough time in the day grind. Handling this mental and physical grind is easy if you got the tool.

The tool that ‘I cant even’ without is a foam roller! This mental and physical recovery tool is the best thing you can use pre and post study grind. We sit at our computers until we hurt, type till we cant, and then get up to soon to do it again. To avoid the sore neck, tight hips, and stiff back that makes us dread the library you simply need to spend some time on your foam roller.
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The foam roller is the most indispensable item I brought with me my freshman year. It became a common theme to walk into my dorm and see my roommate or friends on my floor rolling out. It almost became overwhelming constantly having a person taking up space rolling off the study symptoms. However, I knew the relief it provided and made some friends.


The roller does more than counteract the common study symptoms by relieving muscle aches. It gets you to take some time for yourself and acts an easy way to listen to your body. This comes at an especially important time when all your do is listen to professors and staff.

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