Have a Pep in Your Step During Long Walks to Class!

Coming into freshman year of college, there are many items one must remember to pack—school supplies, decorations for your new dorm room, the wardrobe…the list goes on.  But perhaps an often overlooked item that I found to be the most valuable of all of these was a small, yet life-changing pair of nice headphones.

Now, you may ask me why a pair of headphones is the most essential item you need to pack for college?  Well, let me tell you—These little guys were there for me during the long winter months when walking to class seemed an impossible feat.  They were there for me when finals came around and I had to sit in the library for hours on end. They were there for me when it was time to go sweat at the gym, a task that often was hard to find motivation to do.  Heck, they were even there for me when I was laying in bed at the end of the night, unable to fall asleep.  My headphones were there for me when times got tough, and stayed with me through it all.

Bringing a nice pair of headphones is essential to making sure you can do any task, big or small.  From jamming to music, listening to podcasts, or even watching Netflix through your phone, they will truly get you through your worst days.  Be sure to pack a pair that will last you the year, or at least pack a spare pair to ensure you will never be left in the silence of your own thoughts.  Headphones are the key to a happier life when entering the gates of college, trust me.  Pack them with care.

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