Become a Big FAN of Dorm Living

In the mix of packing for college you will remember the essentials – shower supplies, bedding, notebooks, but it can be so easy to skim past one of the most life-saving items, a box fan.

You’ll leave in September and think, “Oh, it won’t be that bad, it’s already fall.” You’ll arrive move-in day and assume all the sweat is from the three flights of stairs you just carried the 25 pound mattress pad, it will cool down tonight. Then comes the first night in your new home, it will be sleepless as you toss and turn avoiding any contact with blankets that could possibly occur. A box fan is something you can’t go without for three reasons:

  1. It will be your icy oasis after a mile long walk back from the library in the scorching fall sun.
  2. It will circulate the stale air that is inevitable in the tiny confined box that is your dorm room
  3. It will provide the perfect reason to keep your door open the first week or two of classes, making you new friends and allowing you to steal some of the AC from the hallways. It’s a win-win!

Don’t fall victim to the sweaty and sleepless first night! Arrive prepared, you won’t regret taking up that extra square footage in the car, it will be worth it.

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