4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Going Home for Winter Break

Going back home for winter break can be strange. It’s relaxing, because you don’t have school, but it’s weird, because you’re living with your parents again. Sometimes, the whole month you’re gone can get away from you, and you come back to school dumbfounded as to where the time went. Try to make the most out of your winter break with these suggestions.

1. Reconnect with old friends
Meet up and discuss your first semester of college with your friends from high school. Everyone will have wild stories of difficult professors and insufferable roommates. It’s also a good way to not lose touch as life starts to feel a little more hectic.

2. Go somewhere new
With so much free time on your hands, it can be tempting to lay around and do nothing all month. Challenge yourself to an adventure- no matter how small! Whether it be a museum you’ve never explored, or a mall outside of town, go somewhere you’ve never been. Make sure to bring a buddy!

3. Reset your sleep schedule
By the end of finals week, you body is probably used to staying up until 3 am, managing to keep going because of coffee, stress, and the sheer will to survive. Break those habits! Go to bed earlier, get more consistent sleep, and find the balance of rest that works for you.

4. Plan for next semester
A student’s struggle is never over, and while breaks are refreshing, make sure you use that extra time to be extra prepared for your next semester. Buy textbooks, look over old coursework, and take a look at your syllabi to feel ready for class.


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