No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? How About a Free Dinner

Free dinner, free networking and even free smiles are included with that low, low price of zero!

Dinners On Wisconsin is an event put on every fall and spring by the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board that offers students of University of Wisconsin Madison a chance to engage with professors and alumni in a more personal (and tasty!) setting.

The dinners each have themes that align with the professor or alumni who is hosting the dinner.  These themes included and are not limited to: Finance and Economics, Wisconsin Politics, Women in Tech, and many, many more!

Even though the themes provide a great networking opportunity if they align with your major, I have had the most rewarding experiences going on DOWs that were unrelated to what I am studying.  As a Computer Science major who enjoys reading for fun I decided to go on the Literature and English dinner, this allowed me to meet people who also enjoyed reading.

While all the bonding is great, let’s talk food.  My favorite food I have ever had at a DOW was a special apple sauce.  The man who first man the apple sauce passed away last year and the host had been saving the last of his batch to share with us.  The incredible backstory made it even more savory.

So you’re excited? Like the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board on Facebook and keep your eyes out for the event.

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