Hot Spots to Hit at Night

When most people hear UW-Madison and night life in the same sentence they suddenly think of partying, a long night out at the bars are the terrible hangovers that everyone dreads.  In this post I will be providing a number of activities that won’t result in a rough morning.

Concerts at the Terrace

A great way to hang out with friends and listen to great music while staying safe.  The concerts at the terrace are a great way to catch up with friends and enjoy some laughs while listening to music.  Although this activity requires good and company and a nice warm night, a night at the terrace with a dish of Babcock Hall Ice Cream never seems to disappoint. You can view there calendar on there website!!:

Movie Night in the Dorms

Being a Freshman, living in the doors and not knowing people is never fun, but a movie night with the roommates is always an idea to stay safe and enjoy your company.  A great way to meet people and enjoy a night is pop some popcorn and invite the neighbors, although this sounds scary you can meet some new people and watch the night away.

Concert at the Orpheum

Who doesn’t love going to a concert with friends? Going to a concert at the Orpheum on state street is another great option to listen to great music and enjoy a night with friends.  The concerts at the Orpheum are anything from modern pop music to oldies for the parents.  You can view there calendar on the website!!




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