Add a Splash of Color to Your Nightlife

Who says there is only beer and red shirts in the Madison party scene?

How about a glass of cocktail and The Starry Night to top off your evening?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the painting! Create one yourself with your friends for a relaxing night at the Paint Bar. Channel your inner artist and enjoy a night that won’t be replaced by blurry memory the next morning.

Located on Williamson St, PaintBar follows the mantra “Eat. Drink. Paint.”  If you are looking for something different than the bars for a good time, this PaintBar might just be the perfect place.

The workings of the Bar is straightforward. The menu includes a great selection of cocktails and drinks. After you sat down with your friend and ordered a couple rinks, you can walk to the shelves next to the bar table and select the frame and canvas you’d like to work on.  The canvas, differing in sizes, cost about 5 to 25 dollars each. How big of a canvas you want to get, depends entirely on how creative or ambitious you were feeling that night.

The bar also offers a class for groups of friends that are hoping to create the same kind of art work. It is basically a cheaper Art 101 where you can have immediate results, plus alcohol!

If you are in the midst of your creation and want to stop for a snack, the Bar offers several thin delicious thin crust pizza to keep your creative juice flowing and it is safe to say you won’t be worrying about that late night snack after all.

The Bar has ample space for you to work with, if you finished your work, there is a blow dryer nearby for you to dry the paint on the canvas and make sure you an take your piece of art with you back home with ease.

Just remember don’t get too caught up in your creation and dip the paint brush in the wrong glass!


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