A Night on the Dorm: Bond with your floor mates


Your roommate will determine how much fun you’ll have freshman year, right? Eh, not quite. It’s about who you share the building with.

And while going out with these floor mates is fun, it can get expensive. So for a memorable night in, here are some fun evening dorm activities that will get your stamp of approval!

3. Stay in for a night of bowling!

This one will be right up your alley. Ask around for plastic bottles and cans. There are many options for a makeshift bowling ball, but we rolled longboard wheels to pack a punch on the “pins.” Line them up at the end of the hall and start striking them down!

(Photo courtesy of Pixnio.)

2. Host a male pageant show

Where else can you watch your friends throw down slam poetry, tap-dance in full suit, or wear snow pants during the swimsuit portion? All you need is a charismatic host to come up with the creative mini competitions and get the men to participate. Ladies, text the host your score for each round to determine the winners and who gets the title of Mr. (Insert dorm name here).

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

1. Get dressed up and dance in the den

Miss the Homecoming dances? Time to create your own! Spread the word early in the evening. If the girls immediately run upstairs to get ready, the guys will follow suit! Bring a portable speaker and any strobe lights or disco balls. And if yours ends up being anything like mine, party crashers from other dorms will join in!

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

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