5 Reasons Why a Staycation Winter Break is the Way to Go

As an incoming freshman to Madison you’re sure to be fresh-faced and eager to escape your dull high school life. This new chapter will excite you. But come time for winter break, you’ll be wishing for a brief reprieve from the pressures your first semester will bring. These 5 reasons will explain why a staycation with your parents in your hometown will be the best decision you make over winter break.

5. Beginning with a less obvious convincing factor: plush seating. Your poor poor soul has spent countless hours in too cold or too hot lecture halls in old, wooden seating. Take this time to sit on a nice, cushy couch or recliner for hours on end. Your bed works as an option too.

4. Next on our list is ‘conversations with people from high school’. Yes, you may be thinking “this is supposed to convince me?”. This element of staycation can go two ways. You can either awkwardly stumble through small talk until you make an excuse for a swift exit OR there is a potential for discovering that your high school band rival didn’t get into their school’s marching band. You will obtain juicy gossip for your friends and a sense of bizarre closure in accepting that sometimes rude people don’t always win.

3. This one comes in at number 3 because it is essential: free food. No longer will your tiny budget dominate the plan for dinner. No longer will your roommate burn their easy-mac, making your dorm room smell like burnt cheese for a month. Freedom is free-loading off of your parents. And there’s a hidden bonus: leftovers.

2. Free Food.


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