4 Alternatives to Going Out

Another long week of classes is over, and you’re more than exhausted. If you’re not in the mood to wake up even more exhausted after a night on Langdon, here are some other things to do that will likely leave you feeling more energized and refreshed in the morning.

1. Movie Night

Get your floor together, grab some snacks, connect to Netflix and you’re set! No TV in your room? No problem! Simply prop up your laptop on a desk or table and use a Bluetooth speaker.

2. Try a new flavor at Ian’s

Chances are every time you go to this classic pizza joint you get the same exact flavor. Expand your horizons and try something new! The possibilities are endless—everything from Hawaiian to Buffalo chicken to pesto.

3. Go to a Concert

Live music is everywhere in Madison! Many prominent artists play at theaters such as the Majestic and Orpheum. For a less cheap (and sometimes free!) option, check out the Terrace or the Sett at Union South.

4. Hang out at the Terrace!

Although this may be the most obvious, you can’t go wrong. There is arguably nothing better than watching the sun set over Lake Mendota with your best friends in 80 degree weather.

Madison is a wonderful place, and the possibilities are almost endless for things to do. Consider saying no to that party at least sometimes, it may be the most fun you’ve had in a while!


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