Social Pressures of Breaks

By Genevieve Vahl

The heat of the semester when classes are in full swing, exams are every other week and you never feel like you are caught up can make anyone go a little crazy. Breaks seem to come just in the nick of time before you have a breakdown. Winter and spring breaks are the saving grace for any student.  

Being a full time student, having a job, getting involved in leadership positions, finding internships, researching study abroad, developing your professional persona, all while trying to maintain a relationship and friendships is a feat.

By the time spring break came around, I was so exhausted from my semester that traveling seemed like more work than not. I realized going home to take a breath was really what I needed.

I had a hard time coming to terms with this idea initially: not wanting to go on a vacation for once. I did not know how to articulate this feeling until I really allowed myself come to terms with not wanting to go anywhere but my home. The social pressure of going on a luxurious vacation got to my head before I could listen to what my body and mind really needed.

Having self-awareness to know when you just need a break can give spring break a whole new outlook. Knowing what is best for you mentally and physically can relieve the high standards of spring break. You do not have to fall for the social pressures of spring break when your bed and home can be exactly what you need.

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