Freshman Year Adulting 101

Freshman year is a world wind of learning, not just in the classroom. Adulting becomes a very big piece of the new reality that is college. Below are some helpful tips and tricks that I wish someone emphasized to me right from the get go. Hopefully one of these helps you out!

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1) Laundry

This is so underrated. Water level is based on the size of the load. Sheets and towels get washed on warm. Whites and darks (separate) and on cold. You can thank me later!

2) Meal Prep

If you’re making food in your dorm room or have a kitchen accessible, meal prep Sunday is key.

3) Always look your best

You never know who you might meet. I try to pick 2/3 each day to do: hair, makeup, and outfit. On the weekends I do 3/3.

4) Organize!

Seriously. Get an agenda, post it notes, colored pens, the works! This will save you mid semester when things get hectic.

5) Don’t be late

Part of adulting is not wasting anyone else’s time (or your own for that matter)

6) Stock Up

While dorm space is limited there are certain things worth keeping stock of. Toothpaste for example is something you don’t want to run out of at night in the middle of winter right before bed. Additionally, I find it handy to always keep granola bars around- the most underrated meal on the go!

Hopefully some of these come in handy and good luck 🙂

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