The Drinking Age is 21… in the states.

After a semester of finals, flurries, and frats, many freshman are craving a break from the cold Madison campus they call home, but don’t want to go back to the iron fists of their parents home after experiencing new found freedom. Mexico is your answer! Just a flight away in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, companies organize all inclusive spring break trips for you and your friends at an affordable cost. Gradcity, studentcity, and Xtreme trips are just some of the companies who ensure you can soak up the sun and not get an ID check for that pool side Pina colada. There is no better way than to enjoy spring break than under the Mexico sun with friends. Days are spent relaxing and at night, incredible nights are planned at local clubs around Puerto Vallarta. You won’t regret your decision to spring break in Mexico, especially because you likely won’t remember enough to regret it!

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